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Dr. RxSonic

Chapman Stick or “The Stick” is a tapping 10 strings instrument created by Emmett Chapman. Its prototypes were created at the end of 60’s, but the first commercial model was launched in 1974. Instrument is tuned in a uniform tuning, with the strings arranged in two groups of five allowing one hand to play the lower bass strings and the other hand to play the higher melody strings. All Chapman’s instruments are custom made and products of creativity, craftsmanship, and great attention to details. For more information about Emmett Chapman’s instruments please visit

NS Stick is an instrument created by Emmett Chapman in collaboration with Ned Steinberger in 2000. It has 8 strings tuned in 4th from low bass B. It was designed for tapping, but can be also used for plucking, picking and strumming depending on the position of a damper that can be retracted for open string play. NS Stick has no neck thanks to Ned Steinberger’s design. It is tuned on the bridge at the tail end of the instrument.